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Dutch corner cupboard 1st half 18th century

Dutch corner cupboard 1st half 18th century
about 1730
Substructure and superstructure in oak with 4 doors.
Marquetry of flowers, birds, vases, Akanthus and various plants.
Origin: Villa Rudolf Prack Mountain, which were recorded numerous postwar films, including two episodes of the famous series of "Derrick".

Side length 80cm
 Height: 250 cm
 Width 110 cm

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Utrecht oak renaissance gate cupboard 17th century

Utrecht oak renaissance gate cupboard with carved frieze decorated with angels and leaf motifs,
with two doors decorated with bow motifs and framed with ebony strips, resting on ball feet, 17th century,

h. 200 cm,  w. 178cm / 155 cm,  d. 68 cm

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Oval office with intarsia mahogany19th century

Oval office with intarsia mahogany.
19th century
leather writing surface
5 deep drawers.
H 108 cm, W 120 cm, D 80 cm

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Cabinet Holland 18th century.

Cabinet Holland 18th century.
Walnut, burl-walnut.
H 240 cm, W 160 cm, D 90 cm

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Dutch cabinet cupboard

Double-bowed Dutch cabinet cupboard
Louis Quinze, circa 1740
height 95.3 inch / width 64.2 inch / depth 27.6 inch

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19th century small table

19th century, Spanish small table
height 23.6 inch / width 30.3 inch / depth 20.9 inch

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Small Gothic cabinet

Small Gothic cabinet
walnut with marquetry
Northern Germany
circa 1600
height 36.6 inch / width 31.9 inch / depth 15 inch

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English display cabinet

Mahogany display cabinet
Victorian, 1840/1860
height 90.6 inch / width 48.8 inch / depth 23.2 inch

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Chest of drawers mahogany

Danish chest of drawers
Louis XVI, 18th century
mahogany with gilt ornaments
height 36.2 inch / width 34.7 inch / depth 18.9 inch

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Double bowed walnut writing cabinet 18th century

Double bowed walnut writing cabinet with cellar
Louis Quinze, circa 1750
height 94.5 inch / width 56.3 inch / depth 26 inch

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