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16th century paintings

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Apollon et Daphne, School of Fontainebleau 140/105 cm

Apollo and Daphne,
School of Fontainebleau 140/105 cm


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Venetian school 16th century

Venetian school 16th century
'Holy Family' Mary with baby Jesus and Joseph.
Left a bowl of fruit and right a bird
Twisted, in the 19th century

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Benozzo Gozzoli Florence about 1420 - 1497 Pistoia (attributed to)

Benozzo Gozzoli Florence about 1420 - 1497 Pistoia
Follower of the 'School of Florence' de Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337
Mary with Jesus
Tempera on nuts, 50 x 34 cm.
In authentic 15th century framework


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Mary and child, primitive painting, 14th / 15th century

Mary and child, primitive plastic painting, 14 / 15th century
Tempera on skin parchment with golden background
School of Avignon, to the sienese painting school of Simone Martini.


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'Maria Lactans' 16th century.

'Maria Lactans' on oak panel 26/37 cm,
Southern Netherlands,
16th century

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'The true cross' Bologna 4th quarter 16th century.

'The true cross' Bologna, 4th quarter 16th century.

Mary and child Jesus surrounded by St. Helena and St. Anthony of Egypt.
At left is 'True Cross' with the inscription 'INRI' and 'Thorns crown'
St. Anthony with pig and bell, holds an open book, in which the child Jesus
pointing in the written text.
St. Helena talking with Maria, which is accentuated by the open hand.
Right above the landscape waving the tops of trees, the early influence of the Flemish painter art.
Bottom left is the lion, the symbol of invincibility.

See: Helena of Constantinople by Lucas Cranach

Oil on canvas, 97x77

Price on request (higher price)

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