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'The fish market' Adolf Baumgartner

Antique painting, 'The fish market' Adolf Baumgartner (Constantin Stoiloff) Austria 1850-1924
Signed Oil on canvas 82x129 cm.
Provenance: Dutch collection 1947 Purchase receipt, the Netherlands, 1947 available

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Charles-Louis Verboeckhoven, Pendant of marine paintings

Charles-Louis Verboeckhoven 1802-1889
Pendant of marine paintings
Dimensions 32 cm x 24 cm

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, A Sunday afternoon in the Nymphenburgerpark ' J. F. Hennings Munich

Hennings, Johann Friedrich 1838 Bremen - 1899 Munich
, A Sunday afternoon in the Nymphenburgerpark '
Signed J. F. Hennings Munich.
Oil on canvas, 120 x 148 cm.

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Elias van Bommel 1819-1890,

Elias van Bommel 1819-1890, "Quay in Amsterdam"
Oil on canvas 100 cm x 56 cm

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Akkersdijk Jacob,

Akkersdijk Jacob, 1815 Rotterdam - 1862 Rotterdam
"A nice service"
Oil on panel, 40 cm x 30 cm
Signed and dated 1861

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Carabain Jaques-Francois

Carabain Jaques-Francois, 1834 Amsterdam-1892 Schaerbeek
  "At the city gate"
  Oil on mahogany panel 26 cm x 20 cm
  L.o. signed

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Albertus Verhoesen 1806 - 1881

Albertus Verhoesen 1806 - 1881 "Poultry"

Albertus Verhoesen was born in 1806 in Utrecht.
He lived and worked among other things. in Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.
Verhoesen mainly painted landscapes with cattle, animal stables and especially many small paintings with poultry.

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Adriana van Haanen 1814-1895,

Adriana van Haanen 1814-1895
  "The kitchen maid"
  Oil on copper 19 cm x 17 cm
  Signed A.H.
  In 17th century style frame

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Gerhard Arie Ludwig Morgenstjerne Munthe

Gerhard Arie Ludwig Morgenstjerne Munthe
70 x 100 cm

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Karl Bauerle 1831-1912, 'Garden of Life' 1873

Karl Bauerle 1831-1912
'Garden of Life' 1873
oil on canvas
118 cm x 160 cm

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