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Vases with lid Ferdinand Barbedienne

A pair of vases with lid from Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892, Paris)
both vases signed
marble & gilt bronze
2nd half 19th century
height 19.7 inch

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Cherub Italian 1700

Italian cherub
Polychromed wood
Baroque, circa 1700
height 20.1 inch

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Vieux Paris tea-set

40-piece Vieux Paris tea-set
Paris, France
circa 1800

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Wedgwood dinner-set

21-piece Wedgwood dinner-set
United Kingdom
circa 1900

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Small antique lamp

Small antique lamp, so-called porte bonheur
Baroque, circa 1900

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Cash-box, tropical wood
18th century
Dutch East Indies
height 5.1 inch / width 9.5 inch / depth 6.9 inch

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Antique niche

Antique niche
gilt lime-wood
Southern Netherlands
Renaissance, 1600 - 1650
height 17.3 inch / width 16.9 inch / depth 13 inch

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Antique shield

Antique shield ''John the Baptist''
cast iron
19th century
diameter 21.9 inch

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Vanity mirror

Vanity mirror
mahogany with intarsia
circa 1840
height 95 cm
In our collection: dressing table, mahogany with intarsia, Holland, circa 1840

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Pewter cup

Pewter cup
dated 1836

H 22 cm, O =15 cm

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