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Venetian school 16th century

Venetian school 16th century
'Holy Family' Mary with baby Jesus and Joseph.
Left a bowl of fruit and right a bird
Twisted, in the 19th century

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Hans von Bartels 'For the inn'

Hans von Bartels (1856 Hamburg-1913 Munich)
'For the inn', oil on canvas 52 cm x 65 cm,
Signed right under.
Went later impressionist painting under the influence of the Dusseldeldorfer Academy

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'Moonrise' Francois Musin 1820 -1888

'Moonrise' Francois Musin 1820 -1888
Oil on canvas 69 cm x 124 cm
Heist beach by the sea.

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Elchanon Verveer Den Haag1826 -1900 Hague 'With Grandfather'

Elchanon Verveer Den Haag  1826-1900 Hague
  'With Grandfather '
  Signed and dated 1870. Oil on canvas, relined, 40 cm x 52 cm.

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Benozzo Gozzoli Florence about 1420 - 1497 Pistoia (attributed to)

Benozzo Gozzoli Florence about 1420 - 1497 Pistoia
Follower of the 'School of Florence' de Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337
Mary with Jesus
Tempera on nuts, 50 x 34 cm.
In authentic 15th century framework


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Mary and child, primitive painting, 14th / 15th century

Mary and child, primitive plastic painting, 14 / 15th century
Tempera on skin parchment with golden background
School of Avignon, to the sienese painting school of Simone Martini.


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Albertus Verhoesen '' A ewe and a ram

Albertus Verhoesen, 1806 Utrecht - Utrecht in 1881, "A ewe and a ram"
Oil on panel, 15 cm x 16.5 cm
Signed and dated 1845 lower right
In the original picture frame

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Orazio Grevenbroeck 'Approaching danger of a Mediterranean fortress.

Orazio Grevenbroeck 'Approaching danger of a Mediterranean fortress.
Dutch warships to the Mediterranean fortress (Naples?) In the 17th century.
The warship "The seven provinces?"
The red flags indicate incoming danger

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German Grobe, 'the shells fisherman'

German Grobe, Hanau 1857 - 1938 Düsseldorf'
'the shells fisherman'
oil on canvas, 54 cm x 45 cm

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German Grobe, ' Arrival of the fishing boats '

German Grobe, Hanau 1857 - 1938 Düsseldorf
'Arrival of the fishing boats '
oil on canvas, 80 cm x 128 cm

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