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'Spring' Karl Kaufmann

'Spring'  by Karl Kaufmann
Oil on canvas 43x79, bottom left with Pseudonym signed 'F. Rodek'.
Young woman in classic styled dress looks amused at two Putten with music magazines in the garden to flowering rose bushes
With gilt frame 71x107 cm

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neapolitan school, porta di sancta sanctorum

neapolitan school, porta di sancta sanctorum
circa 1700
High 265 cm

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'Homecoming' German Grobe

German Grobe, Hanau 1857 - 1938 Düsseldorf
Oil on canvas 74x9,5cm

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Fr.v. Severdonck, 1809 Brussels - 1889 Brussels

Fr.v. Severdonck, 1809 Brussels - 1889 Brussels
Meadow landscape with sheep and poultry.
Signed lower center and a handwritten confirmation
Oil on mahogany 55cmx72cm

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Carl Baagøe, 'Frigate and steamboats'.

Carl Baagøe 1829 Copenhagen - 1902 Snekkersten
'Frigate and steamboats'.
Dated (18) 89th
Oil on canvas,
 24 x 33.5 cm

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Eugène Joseph Verboeckhoven (1799 - 1881) 'Ewe with lambs in the barn'

Eugène Joseph Verboeckhoven (1799 - 188
'Ewe with lambs in the barn'.
Oil on canvas, 1856 , 74 cm x 53 cm

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Jan Jansz Wynants (1632 - 1684) 'Autumn'

Jan Jansz Wynants (1632 - 1684) 'Autumn'
Oil on parquetted panel, 45cmx34cm
(incl.certificaat + röntgenfoto + lab.analyse)
Signed lower right

Price on request (higher price)

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'Maria Lactans' 16th century.

'Maria Lactans' on oak panel 26/37 cm,
Southern Netherlands,
16th century

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Heinrich Hermanns, 'Flower Market in Dordrecht'.

Heinrich Hermanns, 1862 Düsseldorf - 1942 Düsseldorf,
'Flower Market in Dordrecht'
signed 1939
oil on canvas, 80x120 cm

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Saint Sebastian, Italy, 17th century.

Saint Sebastian, Oil on copper. 32.5 x 32.5 cm. Octagonal image size gilded frame.
17th century Venetian school
The painting refers to an engraving of Aegidius Sadeler, which in turn refers to a lost painting by Palma the Younger ..

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